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Avengers Fic Prompts?

Hey guys and gals (and mods obviously), I don't know where else to ask this and was hoping y'all would oblige me a little bit. Is there a community (preferably here on LJ) where people can post fic prompts for The Avengers?

I'm going for a stretch here, I know, but I am "searching" for Avengers "fics" essentially, so it fits this criteria right?! Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

To make this a tad more legit, could some of you please rec me your absolute favorite sick!Clint or hurt!Clint fics? I think you see a pattern here. Any help would be grand. =)

Thanks in advance!! (hopefully the mods don't kick off my post....=D =D =D)

Tags: !discussion, theme: clint (hurt)

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