ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

Someone has an "overdose through exhaustion."

Due to my previous quest being answered so quickly  (and thanks again), I've been able to read a lot of stories I'd misplaced.  One of them, a Criminal Minds story, has Hotch stessed over a case that kept him up and running for days and had victims Jack's age.  Because of this his anti-anxiety drug wasn't working so he starting drinking.  Not realizing that 8 hours wasn't long enough for the drug to be out of his system, he passed out and stops breathing.  (I've read a similar CSI NY story where a stressed and depressed Danny doesn't realize that 4-5 hours isn't long enough between sleeping pills.)

Okay, what I'd like to see now is any similar stories with the Avengers.  Maybe Clint after losing Phil.  Or Tony after Pepper or his relationship with Steve (or whoever) going south.  So, an overdose by mistake.  No true suicide attempts, but ones mistaken for that.
Tags: genre: angst

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