foxymiss (foxymiss) wrote in avengers_search,

sick hurt tony comfort

Hey guys, looking for three fics if any one can help me out it would be great.

1. A fic i read not so long ago, had sick Tony falling asleep under his work bench, Steve found him and ignoring Tony's protests and carries him to bed Tony is to sick and weak to struggle free, later Tony flips out at Steve for touching him and carrying him to bed when he told him not too.

2.Read a fic a while back but cant never find it. It went something like avengers called out, Loki had opened a portal and there where bilgesnipe coming out, so avengers got them back in and right before the portal closed one fell from the sky landing on Tony who had his helmet off and he gets a concussion.

3. Are there any good fics of Tony being a bad patient while the others try to look after him,

if anyone ones of a fic dealing with a concussed or sick Tony so something like that would be great.Or if anyone knows of anything similar to what im look for.
Thanks guys ye are the best.

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