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Looking for steve/buck/tony please.

I was hoping people could please rec me some good steve/tony/bucky fics, i've read most of whats on AO3 so am looking for others to read. The type of fics i most like are: Angsty Tony-centric with a happy endings (where they are all together). Ratings, warnings and other side pairings dont bother me as i'll read any type, just looking for something new to read please.

Also i am looking for a paticular fic: i believe tony and bucky or steve have a fight and then tony turns to one thats left but they say the wrong thing or tony takes it the wrong way and tony believes that thier relationship is over so leaves and then steve and bucky comes after him. Sorry i cant tell you more than that. - This has now been found by ananova55 for me,

i am also looking for this paticular fic: It's a bucky/steve/tony, they are all in a relationship but tony & steve fight a lot, bucky reuses to take a side or says the wrong thing and tony ends up leaving thinking they dont want him anymore, he goes to malibu but they follow him and its all ok. it's not: You're Doing Great by syriala tho it is very similar.
Many thanks

Many thanks.
Tags: pairing: threesome, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific)

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