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Laz Azmat
Laz Azmat

Cannimalism and Hacking Fanfics

Hello everyone!

I read two fanfics a while ago but cannot seem to find them again. I will try my best to describe them so if you know which ones I'm talking about please post.

The first one is a fic I vaguely remember, it involved Steve and Bucky getting stuck in Russia during WWII and being taken in by a Russian woman who feeds them. Later on they continue to eat human meat with the Avengers mostly sourced from suicides and even Steve's own flesh.

Gruesome I know, but I want to give it another read.

The second is a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark one where someone hacks into the Avengers tower and reduced the temperature of Steve's suite down in order to induce nightmares from being stuck in the ice.

If you could help me find them, I would appreciate it very much.

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