Running With Boltcutters (arwen_lune) wrote in avengers_search,
Running With Boltcutters

Avengers get a pet / Smart!Thor / Confident!Steve

Could I get some recs please?

1) well-written, reasonably realistic stories where the team (or one of them) gets a pet? I'm interested in life with the pet, not just how they acquire it. I'd prefer gen or at least light on pairings.

2) Smart & perceptive Thor - he's thousands of years old, he's not a big dumb lug, and I'd love to see some fiction where that really shows.

3) Smart / purposeful / confident Steve - I see him written as shy and uncertain so much, I'd love to read some fiction where Steve (outside of a combat situation) knows what he wants and goes for it. Pairings is fine - I prefer Het.

4)  Steve's sense of humour - I am madly in love with the Steve in To Be Modified As Necessary (you should read the whole thing, but I refer to rule 1 and 4) and I crave more of that Steve - the one who has a sense of humour and is totally willing to troll somebody with his supposed lack of knowledge about modern times and isn't worried about looking silly etc. Does anybody know of any other stories where this is a theme?
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: thor, genre: gen, genre: post-avengers, search: fic (recs), theme: animals

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