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Tony (or team) pranked. Clint targeted by SHIELD agents.

I'm reading Survival Tips for SHILED Recruits on tumblr and one of them was basicly don't prank Tony Stark with fake expolsions; it's not funny and his team is not called the Avengers for nothing.  So that got me to wondering if anyone had written anything where someone tries to play a prank, the result, and the aftermath.  It could be within the team (I'm including the ladies and Coulson) or someone at SHIELD looking to pull a prank on an Avenger.

I also had a though for any stories where any resentful SHIELD recruits or agents attempt to get back at or punish Clint for his part in helping in Loki's attack.  I'm sure this has been asked before and I probably have a story or two already on my computer, but its always good to refresh a good search.

I honestly don't know what tags to put on this.
Tags: character: clint barton, character: tony stark

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