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Adopted Tony in Exile

Hi! I joined this community because I keep losing Avengers fics and can't find them when I want to re-read them. This one I read about 2 to 3 weeks ago and can't seem to find again. I'm almost sure it's post-CACW, though it might be post-AoU, was on AO3 and incomplete. Here's the gist of the plot:

Tony is exiled to Switzerland(?) as punishment by the government who also try to seize SI and all his assets. They fail only because Tony has signed over everything to his younger brother. Turns out he was adopted and Howard, unsatisfied with an ordinary genius for a son, created a genetically-engineered son that he made sure would be perfect, a genius who educated to be the perfect businessman, programmer and engineer. Steve pushed through a further punishment that prohibited Tony from having access to any technology that you couldn't find in a chain computer store, the only exceptions being the bots and JARVIS, for five years. The brother (I can't remember the name) sent Tony off with enough money to let him set up a simple tech repair shop and live on for a few months and was left trying to fill Tony's shoes, at SI and with Avengers as Iron Man. As it happens, little brother may be smarter and the perfect businessman but that doesn't mean he can do everything that Tony did. After just two years, his inability to keep up with all the demands Tony had had on his time become apparent.

That is all I remember of the story other than it was really well-written and I hope someone here recognizes it because I really liked it and mean to bookmark it. If anyone can think of other adopted!Tony or exiled!Tony fics they'd like to rec, I would love to read them. Thanks! Happy Reading, everyone!
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