Caedesdeo (caedesdeo) wrote in avengers_search,

Birthday Bucky fanart search

I'm looking for a specific set of drawings, probably done for Bucky's birthday although possibly for Sebastian Stan's instead? (I can't remember clearly which of the two the description mentioned!)

It was a series of panels starting with modern day Bucky remembering when pre-serum Steve brought him birthday cake that was then shoved into Bucky's face, next was him regarding a beaming big Steve bearing cake with suspicion. Steve just continues to offer him that piece, then the final panel was Sam bringing & smushing cake into Bucky's face.

It was possibly on either tumblr or twitter, although searching both hasn't turned anything up. Anyone recognise it?

Edit 27/10/16: Found, on Twitter!
Tags: character: bucky, character: sam wilson, character: steve rogers, genre: humor, search: fanart

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