moonstone_13 (moonstone_13) wrote in avengers_search,

LFS - SR/TS Snippet


This is a bit of a strange request, but I've been trying to find this fic for days and at this point, I just want to know what it is. It's fun and funny and I don't remember anything about the plot--pay even have been a 5+1 things kind of fic or snippets in a collection from an author. The fic is Steve/Tony, pre Ultron, established relationship, and the scnee I remember is one where the team is sitting around playing a drinking game, Bucky is part of the team, I think, both Rhodey and Sam are there, and Clint asks a question about what would happen if Steve turned into a woman, and they have a small discussion about consent and then Clint asks whether Tony would be able to get fem!Steve off just by going down on her. Both Pepper and Steve say yes. Help, please?

Thank you in advance,
Tags: character: clint barton, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, pairing: tony/steve, search: fic (specific), verse: movies

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