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WishingStar (a.k.a. magic_7_words)

Steve/Bucky, normalized power differential

I recently read The Gilded Pair by boopboop on AO3, and thus rediscovered a specific two-part trope I had forgotten I liked:

  • a setting that normalizes severe power imbalances (master/slave in this case), and

  • two characters who love each other as equals but act out their expected roles in order to keep up appearances, or for their own personal reasons.

This particular fic also featured Steve helping Bucky heal from past trauma, Steve/Bucky as a team pwning the competition by the power of ruling-through-love-instead-of-fear, and zero explicit non-con (though of course the nature of the setting implies its existence). The problem with this fic: I've already finished it! Can anyone recommend other fics featuring at least some of the themes I've mentioned here?

(The tags are kind of hypothetical suggestions, to help prompt y'all's memories. "Undercover" would be particularly interesting, if they have to infiltrate a human trafficking ring or something, or in a "Hydra gives Steve to the WS as a reward" scenario where the WS is actually a mostly-recovered Bucky and is colluding with Steve under deep cover.)
Tags: kink: alpha/beta/omega, kink: bdsm, pairing: steve/bucky, search: fic (recs), theme: arranged marriage, theme: undercover, theme: vampires, theme: werewolf!fic

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