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Seeking specific fic where Thor gave team liquid made from golden apples

I'm almost positive I read this story on AO3. And I think it's Tony/Steve and Clint/Coulson, although I could be wrong. I remember so much that it's driving me crazy to be unable to find it.

Basically, Thor approaches each member of the team one at a time and asks them to drink the golden liquid he give them. They all do. Tony notices that all the aches he lives with go away. Natasha notices that her ankle stops hurting and she regains feeling in two of her fingers. Steve figures it out and asks 'how much trouble are you going to be in'. Steve also wonders why Thor did it, especially without asking the team. Thor answers that he didn't want to lose everyone before he must.

Then Odin comes to Earth--lands in Steve and Tony's bedroom--and scolds Thor for stealing the apples. Thor acknowledges he stole and offers himself for judgement. Tony picks Mjolnir up and hides behind Steve because he didn't want Odin to punish Thor by taking the hammer away again. Frigga intervenes to calm things down and walks off to speak privately with Phil. Frigga tells Phil that she didn't give birth to Thor--he's actually Midgard's child. Fridge's promised Odin she won't tell Thor, but she didn't ask Phil for a promise so Phil tells Thor later. Turns out Thor already knew. And he said since Frigga was now pregnant with Odin's child, he will no longer be needed for the throne of Asgard.

Later, Phil's shopping for groceries and spaces out. A young girl notices and treats Phil like he's suffering from PTSD like her Daddy. Phil meets the girl's parents, who have one other child?, and wishes he could help them conceive the third child they want. He touches them or something and after they leave he's sure they'll get their third child. Phil tells Clint he thinks he 'fixed' them. Then Phil starts being able to see every person's child/child-bearing potential. Thor makes a comment about Tony's child and Phil starts looking at photos of every woman Tony's had sex with because Phil can now see a shadow or something that indicates whether the woman has a child.

Can anyone help me identify this story? Please!
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: thor, character: tony stark, pairing: tony/steve

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