Vini Bhatt (vinib) wrote in avengers_search,
Vini Bhatt

Loki Leaves Asgard

I read this fic today, where instead of interrupting Thor's coronation, he's basically like, "so long and thanks for all the fish" and -okay, tata, bye bye-s the fuck out of Asgard, leaving the MCU version of Trump (coz that's exactly pre-Thor Thor is, lbh) on the Asgard throne and both Odin and Frigga crying about their stupidity.

Now I need MOAR! Any fics where Loki is BAMF and independent and wants nothing to do with Thor or Asgard or whatever. He is happy to retire to some library in Alfheim and watch Asgard implode in on itself.

I'd prefer if he did NOT return or felt sorry for Asgard or anything. Just Loki being happily lowkey AWAY from Asgard.

Because of high demand, m including the fics I've already read.

- Leaving the loveless land -
(which I loved, but it's too short)

- Leave out all the rest -
(which is more in-depth with Thor's ineptness, but I hated it coz Loki was STILL working in the background to clear his messes)
Tags: character: loki, genre: gen, movie: thor, theme: loki (bamf)

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