antisocial334 (antisocial334) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for some fics?

Hi, I'm looking for any avengers fics along these lines/with this plot- not any specific ones I'm looking for.

- Loki finding out he's son of Laufey when he's an adult, possibly something to do with/including the avengers.

- A sort of 'five times Loki saved the Avengers, and one time they saved him' sort of thing- that'd be great!

- Loki endangering/sacrificing himself to help/save the Avengers.

- Clint, Bruce, Tony or Steve finding Loki very injured and deciding they can't just leave him there. Possibly some trauma/fear from Loki when he wakes.

- Slightly younger everyone, Loki hasn't gone all 'I am king, bow to me' and is still the ignored, verbal/accusation/blaming punching bag, son of Odin. Perhaps something happens, the Avengers have to help him. (Loki is captured by frost Giants due to his heritage, is running away from his father/sick of always being the less loved son, etc.)

- And finally, the Avengers working to help break Loki out of somewhere- SHIELD, frost Giants, chitauri, etc.

I believe that is all, please share with me any fics you know along these lines, thanks!!

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