cesarecarmilla (cesarecarmilla) wrote in avengers_search,

Loki wasn't abandoned, Laufey is wanted child-Loki back or something

Ok, I read this a couple weeks ago and now can't find it. The main thing I remember is that Loki wasn't abandoned, I can't remember if he was left there for protection or if it was a Frost Giant tradition to leave a child for three days or something outside. Not sure. Anyways, it involves Loki/Thor I'm pretty sure, and I think flashbacks to them as children where Loki tricks still-living Laufey. Laufey asks for Odin to give Loki back? and Odin asks him to pick Loki from a line up but it was a trick and Laufey picks Thor. I might be confusing two fics, I'm not sure. Thanks!
Tags: character: loki, pairing: thor/loki

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