Vini Bhatt (vinib) wrote in avengers_search,
Vini Bhatt

Loki's MONSTROUS kids and happy endings

I think I'd asked this a while ago (while, being a couple months ago) but didn't get the recs to my satisfaction... since then, I've tried googling and shit, even found a few decent fics, but not many. So, here goes...

Am looking for happy/fluffy/slutty parent-Loki fics. I don't care if they are his kids from the mythology or OCs as long as they appropriately MONSTROUS. I'm tired of Loki having human babies when it's a known fact that he sluts all over the universe.

I m NOT looking for any particular pairings (crossovers are more than welcome, the weirder pairing the better), but NOT Avengers. I don't mind him with Hulk (Other guy, not Bruce), but definitely NOT Thor or Tony or Darcy (ugh, definitely not).

Happy ending/Fluff only. No tragedies please, unless the tragedy is Odin choking on a bone and dying.

These are the kind of fics I'm looking for...

- Mother of Monsters - Villain-turned-henpecked-single-parent
Loki and his lovely little Cthulhu baby, Bella.

- Loki makes love and babies - where Loki sleeps his way through the Marvel universe and leaves Doom behind to raise his hybrid kids

- Hung like horse - Sleipnir was just really sick of everybody hitting on his dad. And I don't mean Loki.
Tags: character: loki, pairing: any, theme: kid!fic, theme: loki (bamf)

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