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Everyone has misconceptions about Captain America/Steve Rogers, man from the 30s.

First let me recommend two stories where Bucky is surprised to see a swear jar in the tower for any of the team to put money in if they swear around the Captain: The Swear Jar by Owlwithafringe and (There's a) Troll in the Future by Greenbergsays, both at AO3. Bucky knows there's a big difference between the icon and his best friend who's been cursing since before he was a teenager.  His reaction begins to let the cat out of the bag that Steve's been using the money for a motorcycle.

I'd like to find any other stories where Steve has to explain to a newly-returned Bucky that the team has just assumed that Captain American wouldn't curse or have sex or not be racist or even know about gay marriage.  Thanks to Bucky's astonishment that they would misjudge his friend (or lover) so, they realize that Steve has been trolling them in letting them think that about him.

Widening the parameters out a bit to include the rest of the US misjudging Captain America, I'd like to find a story I can't seem to find in the plethora (I love that word) of fan fiction I've saved and bookmarked.  (And any other similiar story I haven't managed to stumble across yet.)  The press (and a lot of people) are shocked and outraged when they find out that Captain America is dating a trans woman and he becomes very protective of her, trying to shield her from attacks in the press and physically.  Any story where his girl is black, Asian or Hispanic or whichever non-white, Muslim, or not a girl at all (not counting Bucky here; that's a story for another day) would be welcomed.  Thanks, all.
Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, genre: humor, pairing: steve/bucky, pairing: steve/other, theme: relationship, theme: steve (protective), theme: team!fic

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