ladymisschief (ladymisschief) wrote in avengers_search,

Fem Loki

I've been trying to look for this fic on AO3 about Fem!Loki/Steve Rogers, where Loki is on Midgard after being stabbed in the chest by Cursed, and hides on Midgard from Asgard, when she is stumbling in New York, she accidentaly bumps into Steve, he gets facinated by her, then they meet a year later, in the park i believe, where she is reading and he is having a panic attack, they start dating, she is inducted into the Avengers, she gets a tree tattoo, she goes on a mission with Clint where they are a couple, they get kidnapped.... tried looking through the steve rogers/loki cant find anything.
Would be great help if anyone can find this

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