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Seeking story where Steve hides food in his room that goes rotten

I think this is part of a larger story, maybe a 5-1 Fic, but I can't remember anything except this episode.

Steve, having grown up during the Depression, has a need to hoard food. He hides bread and fruit under his bed, I think. Only he keeps adding to his stash and can't eat everything before it spoils. But he can't bear to throw food away, so he eats the moldy bread, for example, a little bit at a time so it doesn't make him too sick. This continues until Tony barges in seeking the source of contamination that Jarvis noticed. Tony explains that this contamination could make someone sick while he's looking for the source. Tony finds the food and promptly confiscates it and takes it to the kitchen where he starts putting it down the garbage disposal. Steve is embarrassed and upset and tries to convince Tony not to dispose of the spoiled food because Steve can eat it without getting sick. Tony suddenly figures out the issue and rushes out.

Steve is upset and convinced that he endangered the others in the Tower and that Tony is going to kick him out of the tower. Then Thor appears carrying a box. Thor makes a comment about how fast Tony's mind works and that sometimes he forgets to use his words. Then Tony arrives and proceeds to cut a hole in Steve's bedroom wall. He installs something from inside Thor's box (with Thor's help) and the item is revealed to Steve to be a small refrigerator. With the clear door and a soft light inside Steve can now see that he has food whenever he wakes up and needs to check.

I don't remember where I read the story. Can anyone help me identify and find this story, please?

Found! Story is Five Times Tony Stark Refused to Apologize and One Time He Did by Yamx.
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, search: fic (specific)

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