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Searching for a few fics

One I definitely know was onc on AO3, but it has been deleted, according to my favorites. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a rather large fic/series. They were set post-Avengers, I'm pretty sure. It starts with Thor taking Loki back to Asgard only for Odin to proclaim that is not his son. Thor protests and Odin magically reveals it was someone who had stolen Loki's identity. They storm Chitauri-land, having figured out where Loki is and then he and Thor end up back on Earth for Loki to recover. I think Odin fake-banishes Thor, telling him to watch over his brother. It was a really good fic and all i can really remember was that it was actually building up to a Thor/Bruce relationship. It was a great fic and I'd really love to read it again, if anyone knows where i could find it or has a copy of it?

The second one, i don't remember where I read it from had a scene where Steve and Tony (and possibly the others, idk), end up at a museum benefit, with a bunch of society people and they come across a picture someone did back in the 30/40s with Steve as a model. The picture is of a naked Steve and there is a discussion some rich lady has about how he signifies poor people, trying to make some metaphor and Steve's just like, 'I needed rent money, so i modeled'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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