essayofthoughts (essayofthoughts) wrote in avengers_search,

Fic Search: Recs - MCU, Wanda Maximoff centric, no bashing of ANYONE

I have seen way too many bashing fics of late - of Wanda, of various characters - and its driving me nuts. Please can I get some recs for some Wanda-centric MCU fics where no one is bashed and everyone's various issues and perspectives are either a side point or handled respectfully?

More specifically, I'd really like any fics where Pietro survived and how Civil War goes down with him present, any fics where everyone keeps their head and Civil War doesn't go down as it does in the film, any fics where Tony's illegal and dodgy house arrest of Wanda is dealt with, and in general, any fics with at least some focus on Wanda that are any good. If you don't know any Wanda fics but do know some Pietro fics those would be just as welcome.

Additionally, if possible, no Maxicest, no Non-Canon relationships and no dragging in characters from Agents of SHIELD? But I can live with those if its very well done.
Tags: character: pietro maximoff, character: wanda maximoff, search: fic (recs), theme: civil war, verse: movies

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