Jazmin Mansour (kaosmau) wrote in avengers_search,
Jazmin Mansour

Looking for Podophilia/Foot fetish Frostiron fic (deleted)

Heya, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of this fic, can’t find it on Ao3 anymore and mia_a03 also seems to have deleted their tumblr. Devastated as this was one of my fave fics to read, would really appreciate any help at all. Thanks! (P.S. - if someone knows where all her other stories are, would be even better, but I'm grateful for any help, really.)

Title: Podophilia

Author: mia_a03 (AO3)

Rating: Explicit

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: 2.2k

Summary: Tony Stark is usually not one to be shy about his various kinks - after all, there’s pretty much nothing he HASN’T done when it comes to sex. His biggest turn on, however, has always been too embarrassing for him to even think about exploring. Podophilia, also known as the sexual attraction to feet. It doesn’t matter that podophilia is the most common fetish for non-sexual body parts; feet are supposed to be dirty, stinky, and gross… right?

It doesn’t help that Loki insists on walking around barefoot.
Tags: character: loki, character: tony stark, pairing: tony/loki, search: fic (deleted)

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