ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

hope you can help me find site

I know this may be the wrong place for this and I apologize but this is driving me buggy.  I was in the hospital after surgery for a month and didn't have my computer and there is so much I've forgotten.  I got home and to my computer this morning and have spent all day trying to recall this site.  I've signed onto two sites to make note of all my saved sights by tags (Jim/Blair, X-Files, clothing, jewelry, etc)  A few months ago I was searching for a story trying to recall the 2nd library site and I thought it was here that someone reminded me of the name Diigo.  Well, now I remember Diigo but can't recall the name of the other similar site.  Hopefully someone can come up with the right name of the first one I'd signed up on.  Again I'm sorry if I'm overstepping posting this here and I promise to make note of the site in more than one place.
Tags: theme: team theme: team!fic

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