Atlas of Clouds (franztastisch) wrote in avengers_search,
Atlas of Clouds

Specific pre-CAFA Steve/Bucky

Okay so I'm looking for a Steve/Bucky story that I can only remember the oddest little details for. It's pre-CAFA and on Ao3.

Bucky works on the docks with a guy called Billy who everyone sort of knows is gay. Billy makes a comment about it getting cold and that Bucky should look after Steve because of it. Later, during their shift Bucky blurts out something along the lines of 'but how do two guys go together?' that has Billy panicking. And then, at the end, Bucky mentions to Steve that he might go out with Billy 'just to see' (or something) and Steve says that if he's doing it because he wants to that's fine, but if he's doing it because he thinks he can't have Steve then he's an idiot.

I swear I had this bookmarked, but I can't find it and it's driving me up the wall.
Tags: movie: captain america, pairing: steve/bucky

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