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Mistaken relationships

In chapter 112 of Sherza's Damaged Defenders Tony mentally refers to Steve and Thor as the Blond Twins when he notices Northstar trying not to blantantly pant after the two tall handsome blonds.  That got me to wondering if there are any stories where Steve and Thor were mistaken for brothers.  I vaguely recall a scene in some story or 'nother where someone took them for brothers while riding on the subway, but that could have been wishfull thinking.

In kind of a follow up for that one, I'd also like some stories recced where any two (or three) of the Avengers and family (Darcy, Jane, Betty, Pepper, and any of Xavier's people who move to the tower) are assumed to be or mistaken for lovers when they're not (or the third person is not with an established twosome).  A good example of this is "This is How We Roll" I've already saved a few where someone goes out to lunch or drinks with another, or someone wears a tee shirt or hoodie or sweat pants with another teammembers logo/name on it, and the tabloids has them together.  Or any story where Harley is assumed to be Tony's son, either by the press or the team.  I'm looking for assumptions by the press or the general public.  Thanks.
Tags: character: bucky, character: clint barton, character: darcy lewis, character: harley keener, character: natasha romanov, character: pepper potts, character: steve rogers, character: thor, character: tony stark, theme: media, theme: press conference

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