alotsofwigs (alotsofwigs) wrote in avengers_search,

Alpha/Omega - Steve helps Tony through his heat

I'm looking for a fic, I feel like it was on A03 but I've searched everything I can think of and can't find it. So it's Omega Tony who is coming in to his heat, and the rest of the Avengers are aware of it. I think there is a moment when Clint and Tony are talking about how difficult it is to be omegas and Steve doesn't get it. The scene that stands out the most for me is when they decide to do like an old fashioned sparring match for the right to help Tony through his heat, even though they all know Steve will win. So they go to the gym and everyone 'fights' Tony until it's Steve's turn and then the rest of the team leaves so they can do their thing. Tony then leads Steve on a chase through the tower before he is 'caught' and they proceed through the heat. This has been driving me absolutely crazy trying to find this, so any help is appreciated, thanks!

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