bonkerz9463 (bonkerz9463) wrote in avengers_search,

Specific: noncon, dark Steve rapes teen Tony in an alley

The original fill was called "Lost in the Shadows", and in it Tony was walking home late from college, when he's yanked into an alley by dark!Steve and then raped before being discarded when Steve is done using his body. It ends with Steve becoming Captain America, and Tony seeing his rapist being lauded for being a great man on the news. (There is a sequel called 'Out of the Shadows" as well, but if I can find the first, then the sequel is on the same page).

Does anyone know which story I'm talking about? I've typed in so many different things to try and find it, but no such luck. If anyone has a link to this story, then I would be incredibly grateful if you could share it with me, please.

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