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Ev'ry Time I Die a Little Clint/Coulson Fic

So, I read this story about 4-5 months ago on AO3 and now it's gone. I tried to email the author multiple times, but haven't been able to get a response so I think my emails are going to her junk mail, or she doesn't check that email address anymore. The fic is called Ev'ry Time I Die A Little and it is a Clint/Coulson fic where Clint gets hit with a blue light and the next day he wakes up and doesn't remember Phil. Before their relationship, Clint had been a little homophobic and he was mean to Phil. It end with Phil being kidnapped and Clint remembering Phil and Clint goes in and rescues Phil just in time and then gets him to medical help, but Clint thinks he was too late and he kills all the bad guys. He finds out Phil is still alive and eventually Phil makes it but then Clint is a little self destructive and pulls at his hair and scratches at his scalp and listens to voicemails from other people. Phil and Clint were married, I think. Anyways, turns out the device that hit Clint was a device made to make your forget the one thing you loved most and was in your thoughts at the point in time you were hit. It made one of the R and D girls forget pizza. Anyways, it ends happy with Phil and Clint together and Clint doesn't want to move out of their apartment even though he gets triggered sometimes there with memories. The very end of the story is one of them watching a video they had recorded of themselves in case anything like that ever happened again, there would be a way to prove to the other one that they were together. The other one walks in and calls him a mushbag, or something like that, but they are still together.

So, this story was gone in November, 2016 when I went back to look for it. I emailed the author but didn't get a response one way or the other on what happened to the fic and if she ever planned to repost it. Is there any chance someone has this fic saved to their computer and would be willing to share it? I just want to read it again! It was one of my favorites!

Tags: pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (deleted)

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