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Two one-armed men who speak Russian...

I just found a short story at AO3 where Natasha runs into Comrade Krycek, and old teacher at a Russian dive, now just going by Alex, not Alexei, and living in Oregon with Mulder, and Dana and Walter Skinner.  At the end she asks him if he's run across another one-armed man who speaks Russian.  The thought of Sasha (short for Alexander) and Vanya (as Bucky is called in a story I'm in the middle of reading) together just brings a smile to my face and an urge to read such a story.  Are there any stories out there where the two men run into each other, have conflict, or work together?  I'll go search AO3 right now, but if anybody can give me a lead, I'd sure appreciate it.


Okay, I searched Alex, Bucky at AO3 and found 2 short ones plus an unfinished.  Any more?
Tags: character: bucky, character: natasha romanov, genre: crossover/fusion

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