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Fanfics Tony

1) I remember reading a story where Avengers have some kind of a meeting or are gathered somewhere. Steve and Tony had an argument over Tony's behavior. I don't know the details, but one scene was for sure: Steve took out Tony's arc, believing it was just a piece of machinery and Tony was just using it to get attention. He then kind of panicked when Tony got weak and found out about Tony's condition. I'm pretty sure it was either no parings, Steve/Tony or Tony/Pepper. And I think it was chaptered.

2)Tony is underestimated by the team

3) Tony Hurt by the team

4)The team removes the arc reactor from tony

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February 24 2017, 22:03:39 UTC 4 years ago

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Not what you're looking for, but has similar theme:

Don't go breaking my heart By forest_rose
where they are captured and Steve, unaware of its importance, takes the reactor to help them escape.

"And Begin Again Tomorrow" by Balckeyedgirl.
where Steve jokes about 'unplugging' Tony, and is surprised when a lot of people (including JARVIS) get upset with him.