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FrostIron- Injured Loki

Hello all! I'm looking for a frostiron fic with injured Loki. A specific one, or feel free to recommend some.
-Loki is injured and goes to Tony for help (I can't remember why he does, but he does)
-Tony decides to help Loki and lets him stay in his room to heal. Loki takes the bed and Tony tells him he doesn't sleep much anyway.
-So Tony keeps him hidden, they obviously become closer.
-Tony and Pepper are broken up and Pepper is already over it and Tony isn't, but when Loki and Tony become closer, Tonys mood changes and Pepper can tell that he is in a new relationship, an actual relationship, and that makes her angry, she becomes jealous and when Tony starts actually doing what he is supposed to do, it angers her more. She believes that Tony is flaunting his new relationship in front of her and the last ting Tony ever wants to do is hurt Pepper.
-Natasha tries to help Tony get back on Peppers good side by bringing her coffee.

So if anyone can help please!! Thank you !
Tags: genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers, pairing: tony/loki

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