kamadi (kamadi) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for 2 tony fic

Hello, i'm glorious new here so if i'm doing it wrong plz forgive me. I am looking for 2 stories
1 )can anyone help me to find the story : SinusVenosus, Conus Arterious? Its about merman tony and i can't find it anywhere..i think it was on a03 but not anymore.
2) title is unknown by me but the plot was that tony became crazy after being in the wormhole so thor brings him to loki to heal (who is locked up). Loki accepts but he demands that tony is treated like a baby. He then learns tony to recognize glamours amd tricks him into eating a golden apple. The story ends with tony promising to loki to visit once every 100 years..not knowing he is immortal.

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