syntia_13 (syntia_13) wrote in avengers_search,

Coulson as a vampire - is there a fic?

So, I was re-reading some pre-Civil War fics to get the bad taste out of my mouth, and an exchange in one of them cought my interest. Clint said as a joke that Coulson was probably sleeping hanging upside-down in a basement somewhere, and Tony wasn't amused because with all the weird shit going on in their lives recently that was a more than probable scenario.
I happen to agree with that assessment, and I want to read it.
I vaguely remember reading a story where Clint was a vampire, and he turned Phil during the events of "Avengers". But are there any fics out there where Coulson has been a vampire all along? Keeping it a secret from everyone optional?
Tags: character: phil coulson, theme: vampires

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