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"Fairy" /Queer Bucky recs

Hi everyone!

I've been reading The History of a Family by boombangbing on AO3 ( which contains in part a lovely relationship between Bucky and Gabe

I also love Known Associates by thingswithwings ( in which Steve identifies as a fairy and there's lots of exploration about both queer history and modern day and the labels we use and the labels we used to use and how they interect (if you haven't read these, both are wonderful)

Both of these have a cracking grounding of the social moods and feels of the time, but what I'd really love is one with Bucky identifying more effetely- pre-war would be lovely but so would one that went through any of the time periods. I just want to see him fussing with his pomade and his reflection, picking up hot guys, grappling with the weight of keeping it a secret, worrying about people finding out. He and Steve can be a couple or not. Watching Bucky defend Steve from people assuming he's queer (skinny little artist) while knowing that it's not Steve who's the queer one in the apartmet...

I'm babbling now but you get the idea. The more plot the better.
Tags: character: bucky

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