hlc1988 (hlc1988) wrote in avengers_search,

Tony captured by aliens fics

I'm looking for fics where Tony is captured/kidnapped by aliens.

I have already read Bend Around The Wind and Chitauri Apocolypse.

I am looking for two type of stories that either have:

1) the Chitauri or The Other and Thanos seeking revenge on Tony

2) Tony never made it out of the wormhole but survived and was taken prisoner. #

I do not mind if it is slash, just as long as its written well and quite long. I am partial to WIP, providing they have not been abandoned...  
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers, theme: kidnapping, theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (kidnapped)

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