khami_doll (khami_doll) wrote in avengers_search,

Help finding a Thorki/Thunderfrost one shot

Hey Guys,

I believe this was a one shot but here it goes:

For whatever reason Loki decides to shift into a woman to the shock of Thor( not really the parents) Odin I believe just pretended that this was normal so not to encourage Loki's antic and Frigga was like "oh my" and then starts looking for old dresses to let loki have. I remember her telling Thor that she always wanted a daughter when he came to her for help on how he is be supposed to react this change.At a feast Fandral asks Odin for the right to court Loki, which everyone plays off as him being drunk. But then all the guys around the table/hall start to toast to Princess Loki saying thing like how beautiful she is blah blah. Which in turn pisses Thor off and he yell/demand/threaten that everyone get out of the dinning hall and he ends up screwing on the table.

Places this could have been read: I know i found it on a thunderfrost rec list, but as for where the story is actually located it was either norsekink livejournal or archive of our own... maybe

Thank You and Good luck
Tags: character: loki, character: thor, genre: genderswap, kink: crossdressing, pairing: thor/loki, search: fic (specific), theme: incest, theme: jealousy, theme: transformation

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