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Loki Fic - *Found

Hi. I'm looking for a Loki centred fic which I believe takes place after either Thor or Avengers Assemble. Loki falls to earth (there may be a minor case of amnesia involved but I also may be imagining that). He ends up building a life for himself as a mortal in a small town somewhere in North America. He ends up working in a library. Some parts of his life in Asgard are told in flashback, and he eventually reveals a truly horrible story about Odin killing the husband and children he had the last time he lived as a mortal, all because he shapeshifted into a woman (which, as it turns out, is right out of the Norse mythology, and somehow more horrifying for it).

Although Thor and the Avengers do turn up towards the end, they're not a big part of the story, which is mostly about Loki and the people he meets. If anyone knows this story please do tell me; I've been looking for it for days! Thanks! 
Tags: character: loki

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