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FrostIron fic search that's driving me crazy

Hi guys,
This scene from a fic is driving me nuts! I have been searching my history, posting on frostiron sites and no one seem to be able to help and its gotten to the point that I need to read this or i won't do anything else but i can't find it >.< I would be forever thankful!!!

The part I remember goes like this: I think its post Avengers. Loki is searching for a power source and was demanding Tony to provide one (make one?) similar to the arc reactor. I remember a scene where after Loki was unable to obtain this other power source, he went after Tony. Tony tried to escape via car and Loki eventually pinned Tony down in the car seat (which was near the edge of a cliff?). Loki removed the arc reactor, not knowing it will kill Tony. Tony was like making some statement about how Loki really didn't know that the reactor was keeping him alive (I think Tony previously told loki the arc reactor was a weapon, which Loki believed him). Loki saw Tony grow pale and greyish and wasn't sure why it was happening and was demanding Tony tell him what is happening, which Tony couldn't and was also yelling at Tony for not telling the proper way of removing the "weapon".Loki had a internal debate on if he should let Tony die and at the end he put the reactor back even though he still wasn't completely sure what was happening.

I also remember (I hope it is from the same fic) that after this scene that Loki was at Tony's house where Tony ordered pizza and was waiting for the delivery boy. WHen the doorbell rang, Bruce was there instead and was demanding why Loki was there. Tony stepped between the two, and was making some funny statement on how Bruce likes Tony better and wouldn't attack Tony if he turned into the Hulk.
Thanks for reading my super long detail scene.
Tags: character: loki, character: tony stark, genre: post-avengers, pairing: tony/loki

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