syntia_13 (syntia_13) wrote in avengers_search,

FOUND: Reposting an anonymous search: Avengers unintentionally mean to Clint

An anonymous poster who replyed to one of posts below asked for this:

"It was Clint-centric, post Avengers. He didn't really feel like a member of the team and the others were unintentionally mean to him. I think there were issues with him not getting enough food because he didn't know to join the team for meals. And there might have been a scene where no-one had told him Phil was alive and they confronted him about never going to see him in the hospital. But the scene that I really remember is that he never really felt welcome at movie night because there weren't enough seats. If he stayed he would end up perched on the arm rest next to Natasha, and no-one realized until Phil came back and they set him up on the couch and told Clint to sit next to him. Then he makes a comment of there not being enough seats for everyone."

EDIT: Found! "Like sick flowers need the sun" by hoosierbitch:

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