Nikki (nikkiwhitecraft) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for a frostiron story

I can remember the story quite well, but can't remember title or author

in it the Avengers are in asgard for Loki's funeral, and Tony is confused why people are treating him with kid gloves. Turns out him and loki were an item and a spell made tony forget everything. Tony the takes the arc reactor out and dies over loki's body, so there is to be two funeral. I remember a part where all the realms light candles and mourn, and Hela mentions to Frigga how all the realms mourning are better then one realm sheading tears.

turn out Loki and Tony are brought back to life and have to swim to shore.

would love to remember what this story was, even if its been removed online

Tags: movie: avengers, pairing: tony/loki, theme: amnesia, theme: suicide

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