frostxiron (frostxiron) wrote in avengers_search,

looking for a fan fiction

Okay so the deal is this 1) this is my first time on live journal, so i have absolutely no idea what im doing, so please bear with me. and secondly(And the reason why I'm here intact) is I'm looking for two fanfictions....

Loki is imprisoned in Asgaard, for his crimes against midgard. While he is in his cell, Thanos mentally torture him- he makes it so that Loki can't sleep, since he gets nightmares every time he closes his eyes, and thus can only get around two minutes of sleep before he wakes up screaming... it ends with loki breaking, and I'm pretty sure he was screaming too.... the fanfic is either in Ao3 or fan, since i dont really read fanfictions in other places than those... anyways if you can help me find it then i would be forever in your debt :)))

2. the other fan fiction I'm looking for, i have read for quite some while ago...its set in a place in the outskirts of Asgard, i can remember its snowing and cold, but I'm pretty sure it isn't Jotunheim.... The avengers come looking for loki, and well he kills them. of course this makes thor really mad, and he demands that Loki brings them back.
i can remember something like Loki being controlled by thanos in his head-> Thanos makes him gets headaches and then near the end, loki starts passing out from the headaches....
there is also something like loki starts Ragnarok (thanos controls him at this point) since Loki made a deal with Hela to cause Ragnarok, in return for her bringing the Avengers back to life.

i really do hope you can help me find these two pieces of wonderful fan fictions :)))

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