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Steve/Bucky/Tony fic recs, Cap's sheild

Hi all, sorry for this.

I'm looking for some recs and I hope you can help.

1. Steve/Bucky/Tony recs where Bucky and Steve are together and invite Tony into their bed/relationship. I'm partial to AU's where there are no superheroes for this particular kind, but I can't seem to find any that work for me (bar the tatoo one and the coffee shop/diner fic which I just read yesterday and can't remeber the name of over on AO3)

2. Where Steve and Tony are together and Bucky joins them. I know there's one out there where Tony starts a threesome then slowly tries to remove himself from it so Steve and Bucky can be together, (and of course they don't let him leave), but I can't find it. Bbut I'm looking for anything in this rec, all happily together, some angst, Tony and Bicky becoming awesome friends, whatever.

3. A specific fic where the only scene I can remeber is Tony thinking about his relationship with Steve and Bucky, and how he wishes sometimes that he was in the middle and comforted and loved, he happens to be sleeping on one side of steve and Bucky on the other, but he means more than just actually being in the middle. It's just sort of maudlin insecurity, then Bucky wakes up and notices and suddenly Tony's in the middle of a super solider sandwich.

4. Another specific fic, where Tony thinks he's not allowed to touch Cap's sheild, and when he has to during a battle (Stever actually throws it at him so he can defend himself), he immeaidatly starts babbling apologies.
Tags: genre: au, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: modern!au, pairing: tony/steve, pairing: tony/steve/bucky, theme: relationship, theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (insecure)

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