bmlhillenkeene (bmlhillenkeene) wrote in avengers_search,

Loki fics please

I'm hoping that you can help.

I found a fic where the loki in the thor movie and the avengers was in fact a chituari and Loki had been Killed (only, you know, not). I loved it, and another where Loki was pregnant wutg a posioned child and went a bit nuts from it, and am now totally looking for fic along a similar theme.

So... 1, any fics where Loki is sort of sweet and truely loves Thor and the rest of his family, and where what he did durig the first thor movie and the avengers was not of his own will, or someone/thing pretended to be him, and the others afterwards get to meet the real Loki.

or 2, fics where there is no invasion and Loki meets the avengers as Thor's younger brother, and though there is much teasing and mischief he is not seen as a villian.

or 3, Pre Thor fluff fics where they act all brotherly and everyone gets along.

And finally 4, Any good Bruce/Loki fics... I have such an urge to read some but there seems to be a lot of dark ones that sort of scare me. I'm hoping or something cute and loving.

Hurt Loki is ok, and protective Thor is much wanted.

thank you
Tags: character: loki, character: sif, character: thor, character: warriors 3, pairing: bruce/other, theme: loki (brainwashed), theme: loki (controlled), theme: loki (hurt), theme: loki lands on earth, theme: thor (protective)

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