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Looking for a Darcy Steve fan fiction where both can hear each other's voices in their head

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a Darcy/Steve fiction where both of them can hear each other voices in their head.

Here are all the details I can remember -

The little bit I remember is it's starts with steve pre serum.

They both are in their own time lines.

They each can hear voices of the other person in their head.

There is a scene where Steve enlists and cant seen to keep up with the other soliders while running, Darcy encourages and motivates him, maybe even running around college campus to keep up with him.

When ever she speaks to him she pretends to be on her mobile phone.

They try to date different people but it doesn't work out and they declare that they will try to love each other through this mental connection in-spite of the time gap.

Steve confides in Bucky who doesn't know all the details of his relationship only that she is far away from him here in the war. Bucky tells Steve that he is lucky to find his dream girl encourages him to bridge the difference and gaps and tell her that he loves her.

I don't remember if this an soulmate story or if it's finished or if Darcy will realise that Steve will wake up in the 21st century.

I dont know if it was on tumbler, live jounral, FFN or AOO. I dont know if it has been completed or deleted.

I have been trying very unsuccessfully to find this fic, any pointers will be helpful

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