but mostly me (fenwic) wrote in avengers_search,
but mostly me

ISO Specific Fic: Outside POV/OCs. Coulson Secretly a Message Board Mod, Dies in Battle of NY.

My search skills have failed me, but I hope it's a no-brainer for someone else :)

Coulson is moderator/webmaster for a message board about (I'm pretty sure) Cap and the Howling Commandos. Of course, the members don't know who he really is.

After the Battle of New York, the members worry because they haven't heard from him. They're finally able to confirm that Phil (who said only that he was in law enforcement) died in the battle.

Members travel from all over for the memorial and are stunned to a) meet Cap and the Avengers, b) find out that Phil was no ordinary cop.

The story is outside POV. IIRC it's told via message board posts and emails.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: character: phil coulson, movie: avengers, search: fic (specific)

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