Gabriel (lalnadawn) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for specific fic and recs

Hi! So i was just wondering if anyone could find this fic for me as Ive had no luck.

Basically at the end of Avengers when Thor and Loki are going back to Asgard, the cube/transporter thing was set for 2 Asgardians and not 1 Asgardian and 1 Jotunn. Loki gets booted from the transportation and is stuck on Earth. I think there was also a huge time difference. Like 3 months was a coupls days/hours on Asgard. I think at the end they finally get communication and Thor Dark World happens and Thor is asking Loki for help becuase Frigga already died? I think Loki was initially sniping at Thor about spending the time feasting or something. I hope someone recognises the fic?

Also, Im looking for good recs where Loki tries to commit sucide (again). Bonus if found by Avengers. I beleive there was one where they tracked him to some really crappy run down appartment block and found him bleeding out on the floor.

Tags: character: loki, theme: suicide

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