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i have read these fan fictions some time ago, and i really wanna find them again, so i hope some of you guys can help me...

1) this is after the invasion. loki is in a prison cell, for his crimes. He is being ruthlessly tortured by thanos day and night. He cant sleep, since Thanos plaques his mind with nightmares. Loki is rapidly beginning to lose it, because of his lack of sleep. and i remember it ending with him breaking and screaming...


2) Also after the invasion. Loki lives in the outskirts of asgard, likely on a snowy mountain but it is not on Jotunheim (as i seem to recall). The Avengers come search for him, and the voice (thanos) in Lokis head, makes him kill them. Thor finds them in the ice, and makes Loki bring them back. SO loki goes to Helheim, where the voice takes over (thanos) and strikes a deal, that she will return them but loki has to cause Ragnarok. I remember that in the later chapters loki is starting to black out/ getting headaches until he black out, and thanos then takes over his body. Loki causes ragnarok, and i remember something like this "and Thor weeps into his pillow"... or well something like that...

3) do anyone know any Hydra!tony or brainwashed!tony?... i have already read the Mechanic, the soldier and the captain, Blood and Guilt? I've Got Those in Spades, Malleable and I'm Waking up (To Ash and Dust)... but i am in a desperate need for more

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