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Tony Exiled and/or Broke + 1

Greetings and Salutations!

I am hoping that you lovely people can help me find some story plots, and a story series.

The first plot is Team Cap actually winning the Civil War and/or exiling and/or taking away all that Tony owns in reperation. Even if he voluntarily leaves for parts unknown, and the Team has to call him back, or find him, that'd be great also.

Slave stories make me extremely nervous and squicked, but if you know any excellent ones with HAPPY endings along the plot lines, I'll at least try them. I wonder if there are any stories where Tony is sold by SHIELD or someone (prolly unknown to Team Cap as I can't see them consoning such a thing-- not ecen Clint) and sent into space and Peter and the Guardians buy him from an intergalactic slave auction. If there isn't, I'd love for someone to write it. (Sorry. Tangent)

I found only two stories with my theme and one has Cap finding Tony at some little mechanics shop in Vegas I think. Another with Tony Tony having been exiled to Switzerland? Sweden? Anyway, the electronics talk to him. They are both good stories, and I'm hoping there are others out there. ;)

My bonus story, is actually an AU series set in space. Tony is a prisoner of Stane and was forced to corrupt, or had no choice but to watch Stane do it, all his ship AI's. The SHEILD (?) ship Avenger comes across the ship Tony's in and really kewl stuff happens in the series and I will actually bookmark it or write it down this time. :)

Thanks in Advance!!
Tags: theme: civil war

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