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XM/Avengers: Logan switching teams, and XM discovering something hinky going with Steve and SHIELD

Okay, these ideas came from reading a short, never finished piece by Setcheti, with Logan and Steve as the main characters.  I'd love to find other stories that take up on either or both of these storylines.

While Wolverine is interacting with the Avengers, either at the Tower or at SHIELD, Logan senses or smells the emotions (fear, resignation, pain) from Steve when he is "requested" to report to Medical, again.  He realized something hinky is going on (interrogation, testing or experients pertaining to the serum) with SHIELD and the team may or may not be aware of or complicent in it.  Steve is army and can't disobey an order, or is lead to believe that he is owned by the government or SHIELD and can't say no.  Logan wants to help his compatriot find a way out of the situation.

The second scenario is also found in a very, very long ongoing story by Sherza called Damaged Defenders.  Logan has never gotten along that well with the other X-Men because he just doen't fit in with there non-lethal worldview.  He realized he feels more at home with Stark, Barton, Romanov and the other Avengers so he switches teams and moves to the tower or NYC.

Anyone else writing anything close to those story ideas?  I'd love to read and recs.  Thanks.
Tags: character: steve rogers, crossover: marvel, genre: angst, genre: dark!fic, theme: abuse, theme: steve (hurt), theme: torture

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