thms_pn (thms_pn) wrote in avengers_search,

3 searches: musicians/singers!

1) Specific fic search: Tony plays an instrument. I believe it was the piano, but maybe something else. He plays in a 'hidden' room. Maybe off the library? Someone or several someones keep hearing the music and finally track it down.

2) Specific fic search: Soulmate fic-first words on skin. Darcy Lewis/Phil Coulson. She plays the cello. The first time they meet she's young, teenager? She was playing for an audience.  It's possible it's part of one the soulmate collections. Which is why I can't find it. There's so many! (I love them all though. lol.)

3) General fic search: Excluding AU!no super powers fics, recs for fics with somone that has awesome musical talent. Any pairings. Here's the ones I know of:

The Only John Wayne Left in This Town by gyzym
>Clint is country singer, plays bango and guitar

Just Another Bow by megster
>Clint plays violin

In My Dreams ... by Annehiggins

Every Breath you Take by Oceanbreeze7

Tags: search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific)

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